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Where Can I Get Chinese food?


  • One portion: 一份, Yí Fèn, /ee fnn/

If the menu has pictures you are in luck as this offers an easy way to order. Just point to what you want and say yi fen (一份 /ee fnn/ 'one portion'). In northern China 'one portion' is pronounced yi fenr (一份儿 /ee frrh/). (See numbers in our phrasebook for if you want more than one portion.) You could also do the same if you see someone else eating something you would like by pointing at their food. However, although people will usually excuse you for being foreign, this is a little impolite and bizarre.

English/Chinglish Menus

English/Chinglish menu without picture

Some Chinese menus, particularly in big restaurants or those that have a Western theme, have English menus.dishes This is the ideal situation, but beware — sometimes the English is incorrect factually, quite apart from the Chinglish and spelling mistakes. In English menu restaurants the staff will still often not be able to speak English, so you will still have to point at the menu and say yi fen as above.

DumplingsOur Chinese food menu covers major Chinese dishes.

Menus without Pictures

If you have a phrase book with you or an ability to remember Chinese characters then you could point to the Chinese for the food you want as above. Below is a list of some commonly ordered and favorite Chinese foods among Westerners.

chinese menu order food

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