Delicious Chinese dishes

泡馍 (pào mó) originates from China’s North-western 陕 (shǎn xī) - Shaanxi province, and is particularly popular in 西安 (xī ān) - Xi’an (home of the Terracotta Warriors).

A warm, steaming bowl of broth is filled with glass noodles, vegetables, mutton or beef, and torn slices of flat bread.

My favorite way to eat 泡馍 (pào mó) is with the bread lightly fried and served on a separate plate. You can then use your chopsticks to dip the bread into the broth for the perfect amount of time to ensure it is deliciously soaked but not soggy.

Pure comfort food

Best eaten: for lunch during the cold winter months, when you need something that’s guaranteed to fill you up until dinner. Add chili oil for some extra heat.

肠粉 (cháng fěn) – or fresh made rice noodle roll stuffed with the filling of your choice – is China’s answer to the bagel.

Super cheap (usually around 8RMB or US$1.20) and easy to grab on the go, a serving of 肠粉 (cháng fěn) is perfect for those days when you just need something simple and healthy to get you going.

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