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Traditional Chinese steamed egg cake recipe

Ah Mah’s Traditional steamed sponge cakeThe traditional steamed sponge cake using very simple ingredients, one bowl flour, one bowl egg and one bowl sugar..Neither baking powder nor baking soda is added. Simply beat the egg till very stable...and last time Ah Mah was using hand whisk to beat, can you imagine how long to beat...

1. Line parchment paper either with a normal round pan or best to use a bamboo tray for better hot air circulation.

2. Line the paper on the tray

3. Arrange and fold neatly the paper over the tray

4. Boil water in a wok

5. Once water boiled, put another steaming rack as to hold the steaming tray..

6. Place the steaming tray with sponge cake on top

7. Close the lid and steam over boiling water with high flame..

I did not followed Jane as to add in baking powder, purely use flour, egg and sugar only.

Ah Mah’s Traditional steamed sponge cake鸡蛋糕
One bowl all purpose flour (140g)
One bowl egg (5 medium eggs)
One bowl sugar (240g)
1. Dry flour under hot sun for an hour.
2. Beat egg and sugar in a mixer over low speed for 2mins, increase to medium high speed and continue beat till double in volume (take about 30mins), thick, creamy and pass “ribbon” stage. Change to low speed, beat for 1-2mins as to minimize the air bubbles.
3. Sift in flour, mix slowly with a spatula and combine well.
4. Pour the cake mixture into prepared 8” lined baking tin or bamboo steam tray, rest for 10mins.
5. Steam over high heat for about 40mins, and wait for 1min then only remove the cake.
6. Serve after slightly cool down.
Enjoy this steamed cake with a cup of local coffee, simply satisfy!

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