How to Cook Chinese Stir-Fry?

Pumpkin pie from scratchQuick Chinese stir fry recipes, easy enough for the ultimate midweek supper, but impressive enough for entertaining guests.

Make the most of prime lean beef steak by stir frying it with healthy vegetables, noodles and aromatic Asian-style flavourings.

This Chinese-style dish starts with a stir-fry of colourful vegetables and prawns that is then layered with omelette underneath and omelette ribbons over the top.

This delicious stir fry recipe features cashews, green pepper and water chestnuts. Enjoy with steamed rice, and add more chilli if you prefer it spicy. Perfect for a midweek supper - it's ready in under 30 minutes!

Toffee apple cakeA simple Chinese dish. The wine and ginger give the dish its fragrant smell. Best served with rice.

This is a simple and popular Chinese New Year dish in Cantonese cuisine. The pronunciation of lettuce in Chinese sounds similar to the pronunciation of "good fortune". Chinese people love to have it on their New Year dinner table.

Sweet treats

  • " data-title="Pumpkin pie from scratch" data-videotype="YouTube" data-source="Hub_SeasonalFavorites"> Pumpkin pie from scratch
  • " data-title="Toffee apple cake" data-videotype="YouTube" data-source="Hub_SeasonalFavorites"> Toffee apple cake
  • " data-title="Gluten free traybake" data-videotype="YouTube" data-source="Hub_SeasonalFavorites">

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