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IMG_0942It is rare that you can find ethnic cuisine that offers not only a wide variety of vegetarian options, but these options are all delicious and rival any of the traditional meat dishes. One such ethnic cuisine that offers many delectable vegetarian dishes is Chinese. The next time you are thinking about a great dining experience, why not go and try some great vegetarian Chinese dishes? You will not be disappointed. Here are some reasons as to why Chinese cuisine offers so many unique and delicious vegetarian options.

The many regions of China

One of the strong points of Chinese food is that it draws on many different regional styles. China is made up of many regions and each of these regions offers something different when it comes to their cuisine. Whether this be different cooking styles, different ingredients or different ways to prepare the same dish, Chinese food is a delectable combination of many different places. This eclectic combination is what helps give Chinese vegetarian dishes such unique flavours and provides its customers with an extensive and delicious menu to choose from.


Another reason as to why the Chinese are so good at cooking vegetarian food can be found in their history. Every vegetarian dish you will enjoy, whether it be a Hot Pot, or pan fried dumplings, is steeped in history. This means that this dish has been tinkered with and perfected over centuries. That is right, some dishes such as the Hot Pot can trace their origins back over 1000 years. The next time you go out to order a traditional Chinese vegetarian dish, remember, you are trying something that has been perfected over centuries – so go on, take a bite of Chinese history!

A Variety of Flavours and Many Different Cooking Styles

Asian cuisine is known for its intense and exotic flavours. Vegetarian Chinese cuisine definitely offers a wide variety of flavours as well as cooking styles. Some of the more popular sauces are black bean, honey garlic and sweet and sour. These flavours are usually accompanied by exotic oils such as sesame and can be either enjoyed in a spicy or non-spicy variety. Spicy Chinese cuisine is so popular that it has its own cooking style known as Sichuan and is famous in certain regions of China.

These flavours are brought to life with the unique Chinese cooking style that is usually done in a wok. A wok is a large metal frying pan that can quickly fry and sear various vegetables quite quickly at very high temperatures. This process provides all kinds of unique and delicious flavours which are surprisingly healthy. At Panz Veggie, we offer great vegetarian dishes that are healthy and delicious and are prepared using the traditional wok style. See for yourself why this cooking style produces such a unique and flavourful taste!

A Plethora of Vegetables and Other Ingredients

China is such a large country and because of its size and many different regional cuisine styles, Chinese cuisine has the ability to choose from a very wide variety of seasonal and local vegetables. Over time, this wide selection of vegetables have allowed chefs to find the perfect combination of vegetables and sauces, providing many different unique and flavourful vegetarian dishes. Some of the more popular ingredients in vegetarian Chinese cuisine are tofu, mushrooms, seasonal green vegetables such as broccoli and bok choy and different root vegetables such as potatoes. Regardless of what the ingredients are in any one particular dish, you can bet that they are not only fresh and seasonal, but that they will be combined in a way that will keep you wanting more!

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