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Potato with Vinegar FlavorChinese name: 醋溜土豆丝 (cù liū tǔ dòu sī)
Style: Sichuan(Szechuan) Cuisine
Characteristics: it is a good appetizer with bright color, tasting refreshing.

As one of the popular home-style dishes in China, this dish seems to be simple, but it is the archetypal vinegar flavor dish. Making this dish requires a good cutting technique, a well-controlled fire together with the proper seasonings. Potato with vinegar flavor can help lower blood pressure and prevent blockages in the arteries.

2 potatoes, 150 g each
1 green pepper, 50 g
green onion (spring onions, scallions)
white vinegar
red chili shreds
Note: the amount of the ingredients especially the seasonings listed above can be appropriately used according to one's personal taste.

1. Peel the potatoes with a peeling knife, wash them. Then slice and cut the slices into thin and homogeneous shreds.
2. Put the shreds into a basin filled with cold water to soak.
3. Cut the green pepper into shreds.
4. Cut the green onion and ginger into chopped pieces.

Ingredients of Potato with Vinegar FlavorMethods:


Place a wok over a high heat until hot. Add some cooking oil, swirling to coat sides. Add in the red chili shreds, chopped ginger and green onion to fry over a high heat until fragrant, about 20 seconds.

Pour in the potato and green pepper shreds, add in some white vinegar, stir-fry it for about 2 minutes on a high heat until it is 90% cooked. Then add some salt and stir it for another 10 seconds.

After all the steps of this recipe, a plate of refreshing potato with vinegar flavor comes out of the wok with bright color.

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  • Our Guests Learn to Make Dumplings

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    On May 25, 2012, Mr. Andrew, Ms. Mary & Ms. Virginia from USA paid a private visit to a local family in Xian under the special arrangement by our company. The hospitable host received them with great enthusiasm. Then the host gave them a hand-by-hand Chinese food cooking class through cooking Potato with Vinegar Flavor, Green Onion Pancakes & Yangzhou Fried Rice. They said that it was a lovely experience and the easygoing host made them feel very welcome and at home.

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Stir-fry the seasonings Stir-fry the potato shreds Serve up the Potato with Vinegar Flavor Our Guests Learn to Make Dumplings

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