Chinese noodles with pak choi

Chinese Pasta Recipes Vegetarian

10 Best Vegetarian Pasta RecipesBefore you go ahead and explore yummy delights that we have handpicked from our most celebrated chefs, here are some invaluable tips that you should keep handy while cooking pasta.

- Use adequate amount of water and a large vessel to avoid pasta from clumping together or becoming too soggy or lumpy. You should keep stirring pasta (especially towards to beginning) to keep them from sticking to each other. Adding salt or a drizzle of oil can also help.

- Let water boil, and then only add the pasta.

- Don't rinse the pasta after cooked. It takes away all the flavour.

- Pair flat pastas with white/cream based sauce and round pastas with red.

- Adding a pinch of baking soda can help cut down the bitterness of sauce.

- Your pasta should be added to the sauce as soon as it is cooked.

Recipe by Chef Divya Burman

Chef Divya Burman creates this classic with Italian plum tomatoes, Parmesan cheese, other ingredients and a dash of vodka.

Recipe by Chef Vicky Ratnani

The cheesiest pasta guaranteed! Chef Vicky Ratnani cooks up a delectable dish by combining four different cheeses - parmesan, cheddar, brie and emmental.

Recipe by Chef Massimiliano Orlati, Olive Bar & Kitchen, New Delhi

Recipe by Chef Ritu Dalmia

Mushrooms, white wine and cheese create a plateful of deliciousness. Give it a healthy spin by opting for whole wheat pasta.

Recipe By Chef Nikhil and Chef Natasha

Smooth, velvety ravioli stuffed with vegetables, bathed in coconut milk sauce.

6. Pasta Con Pomodoro E Basilico
Recipe by Chef Ritu Dalmia

The benchmark of authentic Italian food. Master the art of getting the basic pasta with tomato sauce right every time.

Recipe by Chef Anna Tasca Lanza, The ITC Hotel Maurya Sheraton, New Delhi

Presenting, pasta in the classic red sauce. Enough said.

Recipe by Alisha Fernandes

Tangy flavours of tomatoes, wrapped around chunky fusilli. This one will wow your taste buds.

Recipe by Chef Aditya Bal

Chef Aditya Bal takes only twenty minutes to cook up this mouth-watering delicacy.

Recipe by Vicky Ratnani

Warm and melted cheese sauce teamed with pasta and baked perfect. Served with garlic bread. Comfort food at its best.

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