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Thai Food PicturesWARNING:
This post contains extremely graphic Thai food pictures that are guaranteed to make your mouth water. You may want to grab a snack before you proceed…

stomach growling, mouth watering, drooling, food sweats, food anxiousness, massive binge attacks, occasional unintentional farts

Now that we got the serious liabilities out of the way…

…you may proceed to scrolling down into the explicit Thai food photos.

Say goodbye to flavorless mushy soup noodles; Boat Noodles are the definition of flavor exploding ambrosia in a bowl. With each bite comes a guaranteed burst of joy for any Thai food lover.

Head to boat noodle alley for awesome boat noodles, located near Victory Monument. Also check out this boat noodle video!

Few dishes can arouse the taste buds like a spicy plate of Thai minced pork mixed with onions and dried chili flakes. Smother it in lime juice and fish sauce and you’ve got an exciting dish that perfectly compliments a blob of sticky rice!

One of the most iconic Bangkok street food dishes is som tam – shredded green papaya mixed with tomatoes, peanuts, dried shrimp and bathed in a fresh dressing of fish sauce, lime juice, sugar and lots of Thai chillies!

The combination of seafood, needle mushrooms, sweet onions and ripe bursting tomatoes is always a good idea! This is one of the most brightly colorful Thai food pictures on the list!

Pictures of Thai FoodIf there’s one Thai food that really represents that necessary culinary comfort of Thailand, it’s a Thai egg and pork stuffed omelet. Cooked in lots and lots of oil, served over a bed of hot steamed rice and topped with tomato sauce (sauce prik), you just can’t go wrong!

The coconut is a very special fruit that is used as the secret ingredient in all kinds of Thai curries (and in Sri Lankan food too). You don’t want to visit Thailand and miss a saucy coconut infused curry called ‘chu chee‘ that’s for sure! And if you follow our lead, you may even find a vegetarian rendition of this infamous southern Thai curry!

With a color wheel of diverse and tasty flavors, khao kluk kaphi is a breakfast morning wake up call to the mouth.

The foundation is shrimp paste fried rice and on top are red onions, shredded sour mango, chopped green beans, chili peppers, sliced egg, sausage, pork, and cucumbers.

The southern Thai version of nam ya kati curry over soft rice noodles is like heaven in a bowl. Fish is boiled until it basically disintegrates into a medley of coconut milk and chilies and served with a few raw veggies. Outstanding!

Pad gra pao is one of the ubiquitous dishes of Thailand – omnipresent and almost never bad.

When you don’t know what to eat, it’s the wildcard dish that anyone and everyone can cook. Though it’s popularly made with pork, I prefer to get mine with shrimp or squid!

Thai food photosInfused with Indian flavored spices like turmeric and jeera, khao mok gai is the Thai version of chicken rice biryani. When you get a good plate, the rice should melt in your mouth and the chicken should slide right off the bone with ultimate tenderness!

Sometimes it’s just simple combinations of ingredients cooked with precision that are the most tasty. Cabbage stir fried with minced pork and smothered in an egg is one of those simple and killer combinations!

Another version of the wildly popular Thai stir fried holy basil dish includes julienned bamboo shoots, adding a lovely twist to the strictly meat variation!

One of my all-time favorite Thai dishes is Kua Kling, a scrumptious Thai dry curry.

Imagine a soupy curry that is dehydrated, yet all the flavor and spice remains and fills up in the meat like a sponge. A few fragrant slices of kaffir lime leaves add to the amazingness!

It’s safe to say that pork lovers won’t be disappointed with nam tok moo.

There’s really not much to dislike about sliced tender juicy cuts of pork combined with onions, chilies and toasted rice flakes all dressed in the tongue pleasing combo of fish sauce and lime juice.

I’m not normally a huge fan of the ever famous fried noodle dish of Pad Thai – unless it contains giant meaty prawns, like the one above! Then it can be pretty good!

If grilled skewers of succulent pork marinated in coconut milk and turmeric isn’t enough to make your mouth water with lust, the glorious peanut sauce will surely do the trick.

When I first came to Thailand I wasn’t all that fond of deep fried fluffy-ness…but then I smothered a bite in the green mango spicy sour sauce and my love affair began.

Imagine potato chips coated on mushrooms and smothered in tomato sauce and chilies and you’ve got yourself a plate of ultimate deep fried mushrooms.

These fatty Thai pork sausages are the enemy of any weight loss diet plan, but WOW are they tasty! Thai food pictures don’t get more tantalizing than this!

I have a slight addiction to . It’s just hard to beat a combination that includes smoked and deboned catfish, onions, mint sprigs, garlic and fried chilies!

If you’re into the delights of raw oysters, you’ll be living in heaven when you get your hands on a plate of shelled Thai style oysters. With each bite you add a fried onion, a dab of roasted chili sauce and a sprig of herb. Guaranteed to melt in your mouth!

Pad prik gaeng is one of my favorite go-to dishes when I just need something quick and tasty. Chicken stir fried with string beans in chili paste over rice never fails to deliver the flavor!

Order this at any general Thai food restaurant or street food stall.

Tender juicy lip-licking pork ribs stir fried in roasted chili sauce and basil is hard to trump. There are very few single mouthfuls that are as pleasing as this! This is one of those Thai food pictures my mouth can already taste, just from looking at it!

It’s the fried egg and its yellow yolk that oozes all over the rice that really makes pad gra pao awesome. This simple Thai dish over rice leaves bellies throughout Thailand happy and satisfied.

Thai street food pictures Pictures of Thai Food Thai food photos แพนงปลา

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