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While Morimoto Asia has been open for a few months now, the restaurant has just debuted another facet of their service — Morimoto Asia Street Food.

This patio dining spot is located in the same building where you’ll find Mormoto Asia. In fact, they’re pretty much one and the same, with patio seating for Street Food customers. Basically, Street Food is the counter-service part of Morimoto Asia.

Let’s take a look around before we dig into what this new counter service spot has to offer.


Previously, we enjoyed dining inside Morimoto’s dining room. If you haven’t had the chance yet, make sure you visit this gem. It’s one of the most beautiful restaurants in all of Disney. But there’s plenty of functional beauty at Street Food as well.

Walkway and Patio

The action for Morimoto Asia Street Food all takes place outside on the patio. It may not sound terribly special, but with the recent removal of construction walls, you can now enjoy lovely views of Disney Springs from the area.

With all of the walls down, we’re also finally getting the full scope of the outside decor here. They’ve recently added this new Forbidden Lounge mural to direct customers to one of Morimoto’s three bars.

The retro feel of the painting (it even looks slightly weathered from age) is a great touch to the waterfront vibe of the building.

Want to get an idea of what they’re offering at street food before committing to the line? You can take a peek into the kitchen via this window. They also had some hand lettering announcing a daily special.

Banners that Line the Patio

Here’s a long shot of the patio area. There’s no indoor seating for Street Food patrons, but the patio is roomy and nicely shaded.

Street Food is pretty self-explanatory, and we’ve all watched enough Anthony Bourdain and Andrew Zimmern to get the gist. But I love this sign that gives you just a little of the history. It also reminds us that Morimoto Asia focuses on food that’s a fusion of Asian cultures.

The set up is pretty simple here. Step up to the window, order, pay, and collect your food.

But while we were snapping pics, we also had a chance to see some of the dishes. I love that everything is displayed so that you can get a sense of what you can expect.


The menu at Street Food isn’t huge, but it actually covers quite a bit of variety. You can choose from Snacks, Sushi, Noodles, and Bao Tacos. There are an assortment of Drinks — both alcoholic and non-alcoholic — to enjoy while you nosh.

Side View of Building and Mural

The savory fillings for the Bao Tacos are all prepared and ready to go. Here’s a glimpse of the Chicken Teriyaki. I love that there’s no shortage of sauce here.

The Kalbi Bao Filling looked way too good to pass up.

You can also choose a Pork Bao Filling.

Beyond the Bao Fillings, I also had a chance to check out the Snacks. First up are the Takoyaki, or Octopus Fritters.

Pork Egg Rolls look perfectly crisp and ready to go.

Finally, there was an entire pan of Morimoto Baby Ribs just begging to be eaten.

It was a fairly hot day out here, so I decided to start with a drink. If you prefer an adult drink, you have some really interesting beers to choose from. There’s Kirin as well as a selection from local craft brewery Crooked Can. Morimoto Soba, a craft beer brewed by Rogue Ales, is also on offer (check out the awesome Chef Morimoto tap below!), as is a selection from Baird Beer, a craft brewery located in Japan.

Forbidden Lounge Mural Lettering on Window Patio Seating Street Food Story

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