5 Easy Meals To Cook For Her

Easy to make Meals at home

2. Mushroom and Herb Omelet

Who says omelets need to be complicated? This fancy-looking recipe just takes eggs, mushrooms, sour cream, and some of your favorite herbs. Herbs are easy to add, but make all the difference in taste.

Pizza for breakfast? Dreams do come true! But this isn’t a traditional pizza. Caluliflower acts as the crust (but you can sub in a tortilla or pizza dough if you want!) while mashed avocado serves as the “sauce” (and a dose of healthy fats). The pizza’s also full of protein and omega-3s, thanks to the egg topping. Add prosciutto or bacon if you want a meatier, even more filling meal.

Peaches are an underrated fruit when it comes to smoothies—berries seem to get all the love. But that’s about to change with this recipe. A frozen peach (use fresh if you’ve got ‘em!) gets blended with heart-healthy walnuts, oats, and banana for a frozen breakfast with a ton of staying power.

These mini frittatas make for a healthy breakfast (or lunch, or dinner). Using zucchinis and peppers makes the dish feel fancy, but it’s ready in about 15 minutes. Add Italian seasoning and crushed red pepper to elevate the flavor for a weekend brunch (or a busy weeknight!).

Skip the Egg McMuffin and eat this breakfast sandwich instead. Low sodium bacon and fresh greens make this one a healthy treat. You can always sub the bagel for an English Muffin or piece of toast. Add some tomato and good-for-you guacamole to make this even more egg-cellent.


This simple, effortless recipe relies on fried eggs—every budget lover’s dream—while roasted red pepper and swiss cheese give it a gourmet twist. Experiment with your favorite add-ins—lettuce and tomatoes would complement this well.

The original cobb salad gets a healthier makeover with this barbecue chicken version that’s loaded with black beans, corn, and a whole bunch of tasty veggies. Add your favorite dressing (just go easy if you're counting calories) to customize your creation.

Makes lunch for today and (maybe) tomorrow.

This is the perfect salad for when you’re in the mood for something light and sweet, but still filling. Antioxidant-rich strawberries, gorgonzola, and healthy-fat-filled avocado are tossed with superfood spinach and a super-simple homemade dressing starring poppyseeds gets drizzled on. Deliciousness ensues.

Makes lunch for today and tomorrow.

If you couldn't get enough of the strawberry avocado combo above, then this recipe is for you. Goat cheese adds an unexpected flavor toast to this yummy panini. If you're feeling something, meatier, though, grilled chicken would pair well.

These peppers feature a healthy spinach and quinoa combo, but they're also chock-full of southwest-style ingredients: corn, salsa, black beans, and cilantro all make appearances. Though overall cooking time is a bit longer than the other recipes, the active prep time is minimal—and the end result is worth it.

Is it us, or do stuffed foods just taste better? Take this stuffed avocado, for instance, which is packed with garlicky shrimp. This recipe takes just a few simple ingredients—avocado, garlic, shrimp, heart-healthy olive oil, and seasonings—and turns them into a filling meal. Add a hardboiled egg as extra filling if you’d like.

Hummus isn’t just for dipping. Here, it acts as a spread for a sweet and savory grilled sandwich. Try adding in lettuce, tomatoes, sprouts, and your other favorite veggies for a produce-packed midday meal.

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