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Eat Clean: Wok Yourself to Health is a revolutionary East-West approach to eating well. The recipes embrace natural produce, cooked simply. It is about choosing the right foods, adopting easy to follow techniques to cook dishes that can help detoxify and nourish the body. The recipes are to serve 1 - and each recipe has been measured for Calories, Protein, Carbs, Sugars, Fat, Sat Fat, Fibre, Sodium. This is good for anyone wanting to change their eating habits and following a healthier lifestyle. The recipes are 80% vegetables, 20% meat or fish and I advocate buying organic where possible and to cut out high sugar, high caffeine, overly processed food ingredients. I advocate using simple fresh ingredients and a more mindful approach to eating. Readers will be able to cook simple healthy delicious recipes with flavour - I have something for everyone - for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I fuse Chinese health efficacies of yin-yang combined with western nutritional practices to bring a east-west approach to eating well, in simple terms, the combination of raw and stir fried foods to achieve a balanced way of eating.

I'm very excited about this new book with Ken Hom that is published by BBC Books. Exploring China: A Culinary Adventure accompanies a 4-part BBC 2 TV series, for which the transmission date will be announced soon – watch this space!

It was no easy task to create this book, Ken and I journeyed through China on a culinary and cultural odyssey to find the old, the new and the unexpected – and we found plenty of each!

We arrived in Beijing to explore the influences of the West on traditional Imperial cuisine and met cutting-edge chefs who cooked up riverside snacks in Yunnan. We discovered the influence of Buddhism on vegetarian food and went right to the boundaries of Chinese food and culture in remote Kashgar before travelling to Sichuan Province, China's gastronomic capital. Phew! A long, but very enlightening, journey indeed.

The book has 100 recipes and beautiful food and location photography – some of the places really were stunning. There are also features on China's regional cuisines and cultures and recipes we personally gathered from our journey.

Recipes include:

• Seabass, baby pak choi and coriander soup
• Spicy Sichuan noodles
• Stir-fried crab with ginger and spring onions
• Tea smoked Sichuan Duck
• Crossing the bridge Noodles
• Lotus Roots and Woodear fungus
• Yunnan style steamed sea bream
• DoFu Casserole
• Mala Braised beef shank
• Smoked La-Rou Pork with sweetcorn

Ken and I bring a unique perspective on Chinese Food and this really is our homecoming, as we make their own pilgrimages to Canton and Taiwan to discover our personal and culinary roots.

I hope you enjoy the book – happy wokking!

Much love, Ching x

CHING'S FAST FOOD provides you with a new and exciting dimension to Chinese cooking. There are 110 delicious, quick and easy dishes bursting with flavour - this is my fresh and healthy take on the Chinese takeaway, which I hope will revolutionise Chinese cuisine by removing the stigma attached to the humble takeaway.

I've included some of my most memorable childhood experiences, intertwined with Chinese superstition, etiquette and original suggestions for exciting variations on classic recipes. The book will take you on a culinary journey, from the traditional Chicken Chow Mein to the more adventurous Cantonese-style steamed Lobster with Ginger Soy Sauce. Lighter dishes such as Yellow Bean Sesame Spinach offer a diverse selection of new and delicious recipes for every occasion and taste and I hope will inspire even the most stalwart takeaway devotees to get cooking.

Please note this is the UK edition of Ching's Everyday Easy Chinese.

Out on the 4th October 2011, in Everyday Easy Chinese, I fuse Chinese and Western cultures to create one hundred quick dishes full of natural ingredients and bursting with flavor. Everyday Easy Chinese makes it simple for home cooks to prepare their favorite Chinese dishes faster, cheaper, and more healthily than their local restaurant. Enjoy a diverse selection of favorite recipes for every occasion and taste, including:

• Traditional Hot and Sour Soup
• Five-Spice Salted Shrimp with Hot Cilantro Sauce
• Crispy Sweet Chili Beef Pancakes
• Kung Po Chicken
• Black Pepper Beef and Rainbow Vegetable Stir-Fry
• Singapore Noodles
• Egg and Asparagus Fried Rice

Interspersed with entertaining personal stories and suggestions for exciting variations on classic recipes, Ching's Everyday Easy Chinese will take you on a culinary journey that delightfully blends ancient and modern, yin and yang, experimentation and intuition - and ends with perfectly balanced and tantalizing fare that will inspire even the most stalwart takeout devotees.

Please note this is the US edition of Ching's Fast Food.

If you're hungry for good food but short on time I hope this is the book you'll love. I am a believer of fresh flavours and simple ingredients and my collection of all-time favourites and exciting new dishes are waiting for you to cook and share. Why order a take-away when you can deliver your own in minutes?

Ching's Fast Food Ching's Fast Food Ching's Fast Food Ching's Fast Food

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