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stewed chicken with mushroomChinese name: 香菇炖鸡 (xiāng gū dùn jī)
Style: Jiangsu Cuisine
Characteristics: The dish is characterized by smooth and tender chicken and its clear and fresh soup.

Stewed Chicken with Mushroom is famous for its fresh and delicious taste, and especially for its rich nutrition. It is commonly thought to preserve health. It can also help ease cold symptoms and improve your immunity.

1/2 small chicken, 500 g
fresh mushrooms, 100 g
bamboo shoot (or carrot), 50 g

A. Clean and cut the chicken into chunks. Place on a plate.
B. Clean the mushrooms. Cut some patterns on the top with a kitchen knife to make it beautiful. Place on a plate.
C. Clean and cut the bamboo shoots into thin slices. Place on a plate.

Preparation for Stewed Chicken with MushroomSeasonings:
green onion sections
ginger slices
dry chili peppers
chicken essence
cooking wine
Note: the amount of the seasonings listed above can be appropriately used according to one's personal taste.



Fill a wok half-full of water and bring to a boil. Pour in the chicken chunks. Add in half of the green onion sections, ginger slices, dry chili peppers, and coooking wine. Boil for 2-3 minutes until chunks turns white. Turn off the heat and pick them out of the wok, removing excess water through a colander.

Empty the wok and fill one and a half bowls of water again. Turn on the heat and pour in the boiled chunks. Add in the leftover green onion sections, ginger slices and dry chili peppers, and the cooking wine, salt, and chicken essence. Cover and stew it for 30-40 minutes over medium heat until the chunks turn soft. Add in the bamboo shoots slices and the mushrooms. Stew for another 10-20 minutes.

Remove from heat and ladle into a soup bowl. With the helpful recipe, this dish is ready. It tastes fairly good.

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