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Best types of Chinese food

This question and most of the answers betray a fundamental misunderstanding of Chinese cuisines and the role of alcoholic beverages in Chinese cuisines and culture. The Chinese think that wine doesn't go well with food; Rather, they think in terms of a few foods that don't interfere with drinking wines or spirits.

How the Chinese drink wines and spirits

Alcoholic beverages take many more resources to produce and render too little caloric benefit to be treated as food, in general. Alcoholic drinks, therefore, had their place in Chinese culture for their effects: a certain desired degree of intoxication, their warming taste and effect, or as a vehicle for medicines.
(Liquors with snake or lizard to supplement natural masculine virility, like Viagra.)

Alcohol might be taken for its ceremonial value, conferring status on the beneficiary of toasts and the host's wish to honor the guest by a sumptuary display.

In general, alcoholic beverages are not taken as an accompaniment to food. Drinks may be served before a meal, at intervals between courses of the meal or between sets of dishes, or as a final tribute to guests at the end. Drinks MAY be accompanied by a small treat or snack, usually echoing the primary characteristic flavor of the drink.
Wine is not served with the meal's dishes of food.

However, Chinese wine IS widely used in cooking, as a solvent for aromatics and sauces, for its distinctive flavorings, and for its folk-medicinal heating effect.

Chinese grape wines

Grapes were introduced to China, several times, from South and Central Asia along the Asian trade routes, and from Europe during the "colonial" periods of the 1800s. The grapes and wines generally did not prosper in Chinese culture, and only in the most recent decades has the connoisseur impulse begun to take hold. The characteristic flavors and textures of foods and assertive-tasting flavorings and ingredients in Chinese dishes generally do not accept the tastes of Western-style grape wines.

Characteristics of Chinese wines and spirits

Aside from a very few Chinese grape wines, "wine" in china is almost entirely a product of fermented grains. These wines are typically fermented in the ceramic bottle, sometimes with spices or fruit flavorings.

Other fermented grain drinks are distilled, in the manner of vodka.

The distilled drinks are very often combined with fruit and sugar syrups, as in "plum wine."

Chinese "wines" are mostly dark, brown or amber in color, heavily sedimented, with taste components that impress Westerners as sweet, nutty, or smoky. They are often similar to a sweet or cream sherry or a tawny port. Some distilled liquors are also used in cooking; These liquors are perhaps comparable in color and taste to a Western whiskey.

You CANNOT "pair" a Western grape wine with most Chinese food.

The Chinese inclusion of three to five taste classes in every recipe essentially guarantees a taste conflict with the subtle or delicate flavors of Western grape wines. Sweet wines that might be compatible with the dish's ingredients will find that the dish's salt, umami and acid spoil the wine's taste. Dry red wines suffer against the acid and sugar of certain foods. If your Western grape wine is at all tasty, save it for a food that will complement it, allowing you to enjoy the wine.

If you must drink wine along with consumption of Chinese food, the wisest choices may be Chinese rice wines or Western grape wines of types that most resemble the Chinese wines. These latter include a heavy sherry or port, particular the sweet and nutty ones. Alternatively, try the fruit-flavored Chinese liquors.

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