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Sweet and Sour Pork with Pineapple CompletedPreparation Work:
1. Clean the lean pork with water. Then cut it into thin slices and put them onto a plate.
2. Clean the peeled pineapple, and then cut into slices or cubes. Place on a separate plate.
3. Discard the seeds from the chili, then clean with water. Cut into chunks and place onto a plate.



Add some cooking wine, salt, egg white and cornstarch to the lean pork slices. Mix together until all the meat pieces are fully coated. Leave it stand for about 10-15 minutes.

Add some tomato ketchup, soy sauce, white sugar, salt, white vinegar and cornstarch into a small bowl. Stir them well until well mixed and set aside.

Sweet and Sour Pork with Pineapple

Place a wok over high heat until hot. Add some cooking oil, and then add in the lean pork slices one by one. When they turn yellowish-white, remove them from the heat and directly transfer them into a colander. Add the fried slices back in to the oil when it is hot (The lean pork has to be fried twice to make it crisp on the outside and tender on the inside). Turn off the heat, and remove the slices from the wok when they turn golden. Leave some oil in the wok, and turn on the heat to hot. Add the green and red chili chunks, and add a little bit of salt. Stir-fry until 70-80% cooked, and then remove from the wok.

Add some cooking oil into the wok again and turn on the heat. Pour in the seasoning sauce prepared in step 2, add in the stir-fried green and red chili chunks and fried lean pork slices. Stir-fry them for about 1 minute when fully coated with the sauce. Add the pineapple slices or cubes. Stir-fry for about 30 seconds. Turn off the heat.

Ingredients of Sweet and Sour Pork with Pineapple

Serve in a fine porcelain plate. Now the recipe comes to an end. Sweet and Sour Pork with Pineapple is ready to eat.

Our Guests Attending Cooking Class

  • Our Guests Having Lunch in a Local Family

    On June 20, 2013, Ms. Teresa, Mr. John and Mr. John from the United States paid a private visit to a local family in Xian. They chatted with the host to know Chinese people’s life and had lot of fun there. They did try a lot of Chinese dishes while traveling and got very interested in Chinese way of cooking. With the proposal by Ann to learn one of the dishes prepared for lunch, the host taught her to cook Sweet and Sour Pork with Pineapple and it tasted great.

  • Preparation for Sweet and Sour Pork with PineappleMr. Roald & Ms. Astrid Learn to Cook Chinese Food

    On Oct. 24, 2011, Mr. Roald & Ms. Astrid from Norway joined our family tour in Xian, during which they had a Chinese food cooking class in a true Chinese environment by learning to cook Sweet and Sour Pork with Pineapple. After the tour, they especially praised the meal at the local Xian family in their feedback:"...Two meals stand out as special; the Tang Dinner show and the family lunch in Xian..."

  • Our Guest Learning to Cook Dumplings

    On April 22, 2011, Ms. Amy & Mr. Allyn from USA had a distinguishing Chinese food cooking class during their private China tour in Xian through TravelChinaGuide. Liking Chinese food a lot, they learned to cook three dishes from the hostess once, including Braised Shaanxi Pasta, Shredded Pork With Sweet Bean Sauce, Chinese Dumplings, and Sweet and Sour Pork with Pineapple. After the tour, they especially praised it one of the most memorable part of their China tour in their letter of thanks.

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