Global Grub: Cumin Lamb Stir

Chinese lamb dishes

mutton hotpotMutton hot pot

Lamb or mutton is a less common meat in China, and is only commonly used where there are large areas of pasture, such as in Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang.

However, expensive restaurants and Muslim restaurants in larger cities throughout China can now offer lamb and mutton on the menu because of China's well-developed infrastructure.

Nutritional Value

According to traditional Chinese medicine, lamb is an excellent meat for warding off the cold and keeping warm. It has functions of warming and nourishing the ‘qi’ and blood, strengthening the spleen, and stimulating the appetite. Therefore, lamb is the best and most recommended meat to eat in winter.

Most Popular Chinese Lamb Dishes

There are many ways to cook lamb, including roasting, frying, deep-frying, stir-frying, stewing, smoking, boiling, and braising. The most popular Chinese lamb dishes include mutton hot pot and roasted whole lamb.

Mutton Hot Pot

Roasted whole lamb

Roasted Whole Lamb Mutton hot pot is the most popular and easiest way to enjoy mutton, no matter whether eaten at home or in a restaurant. It can be cooked in spicy or clear broth, including other meats and a variety of vegetables. The most popular mutton hot pot is Beijing mutton hot pot.

Roasted Whole Lamb

Roast whole lamb is Mongolia's traditional food. It has a yellow color with crispy skin and soft meat. It is popular in Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang, and can be found in major cities across China. It is a decent dish prepared for a group of people at a banquet and is served to honored guests.

Lamb Dishes

English Chinese Pronunciation


Xinjiang roast whole lamb Xīnjiāng kăo quán yáng sshyin-jyang


northeast mutton slice hot pot dōngběi shuài yángròu dong-bay shwann yang-roh


Inner Mongolia roast mutton Ménggŭ kăoròu mnng-goo kaoww-roh


snowflake mutton xuěhuā yángròu sshwair-hwaa yang-roh


Urumqi hand-torn mutton Wūlŭmùqí shŏu zhuā yángròu oo-loo-moo-chee shoh jwaa yang-roh


Yan’an mutton soup Yán'ān yáng xīng tāng yen-ann yang sshing tung


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Enjoying Chinese food in a local restaurant

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