Chinese Cuisine near me

chinese buffet near meFind a Chinese Buffet, or All-You-Can-Eat buffet, near your location, by using the maps below.
Please note, that we have added 2 different maps.
The first map shows Chinese Food Buffets near your current location, while the second map shows all buffet restaurants, regardless of the type of cuisine.

We have also added a comprehensive list of Buffet Restaurant chains in America. If you know, that one of these chains are represented in your city, then you have a well-tested buffet option right there. See the bottom of the page.

The beauty of Chinese cuisine is the sheer variety of food. China is an enormous country with many variations in the local cuisine, so if you want to tickle and surprise your palate, then a Chinese buffet is the way to go.

Below you can view the closest Chinese buffet locations on a map. Click on the map to reveal the Chinese buffet restaurant addresses, phone numbers and opening hours.

Bon appetit!

Find Any Buffet near me – Use the Map.

If your priority is simply buffets or all-you-can-eat buffets, then browse the map below. This map shows you all the restaurants offering buffets in your area, so NOT exclusively Chinese food buffets, but also American cuisine, Japanese Hibachi buffets and more.

The maps above utilizes Google Map technology. If you are browsing from a mobile phone, then you must make sure that the GPS function is turned on, for the maps to work.

Google Maps is the leading and currently most accurate online map service in the world, but if you prefer having a choice, then we can also recommend Bing Maps, by Microsoft.

Buffet Restaurant Chains in the U.S.A.

So you still haven’t found a buffet restaurant to you liking? To help you in your quest, we have added a list of the most popular buffet restaurants in the U.S.A.

Chinese Buffet Restaurants.

Jimmy Chung’s
Mandarin Restaurant

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