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Image titled Make an Asian Food Style Picture Frame Step 1Assemble the items needed. These are listed under "Things You'll Need" below.

Fold the sheet of black construction paper in half. For now, this will be referred to as "the card".

Cut out a piece of the stiff cardboard. Make it the same size as the closed card.

Open up the card. On the right side, glue the stiff cardboard to the paper.Image titled Make an Asian Food Style Picture Frame Step 2 Cut out a rectangle on the left side that is just a little smaller than the photo you want to frame.
  • Close the card, and you should see the cardboard showing through where the picture will go. Now, the bottom edge and the right edge of the frame aren't sealed, so staple it. You will cover up these staples later with decorations.

Glue two ends of a piece of string on the back. This will enable the frame to be hung if the recipient wishes.

Arrange some uncooked grains of rice on the bottom edge of the photo frame. When you're satisfied with the way things look, spread liquid glue over the rice.

Image titled Make an Asian Food Style Picture Frame Step 3 On the top, arrange some toothpicks so that they are overlapping. These are to represent chopsticks. In the top left corner, add a cut-out of a small, white, paper, square plate.

Start creating some paper sushi.
  • To make the sushi, cut the green construction paper into thin strips which will wrap around the paper sushi insides. Set these strips aside.
  • Using brightly colored markers (pink, orange, yellow, etc.), color different tissues until they're solid colors. Crumple these tissues into loose, small balls.
  • Form a small, neat tube with each of the green strips. Trim the tube accordingly, then tape it to seal it.
  • Stuff each tube with a small ball of the colored tissues you made in the previous step. Keep them neat and "sushi-looking."
  • After you have done this repeatedly for as many different sushi as you want, dab some glue on the outside of each "sushi" piece, then simply stick them in place on the photo frame.


Take the fortunes out of one or two fortune cookies. Stick them on the frame on the right edge. It's okay if parts of the fortune stick out.


Take a rest and wait for it to dry.


Insert your chosen picture from the top. If you're going to gift-wrap it, make sure you don't wrap it too tightly or else the 3D sushi will be flattened.

Image titled Make an Asian Food Style Picture Frame Step 4Bullet1 Image titled Make an Asian Food Style Picture Frame Step 5 Image titled Make an Asian Food Style Picture Frame Step 6 Image titled Make an Asian Food Style Picture Frame Step 7

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